3-Step System

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The REGAL® Pool Care System is pool care made simple in 3 easy steps. REGAL® Pool Care Products provide everything a pool owner needs to revitalize and maintain their backyard oasis. Our stabilized sanitizers, shock treatments, and professional-grade algaecides turn pool care into a simple process.

3 Step System

3-Step System

  1. Sanitize your pool with convenient stabilized chlorine tabs or granular.
  2. Shock on a routine basis with effective Super Shockwave® or Re•Fresh®+ to kill bacteria, destroy algae, and eliminate organic contaminants.
  3. Safeguard with a quality REGAL® Algaecide to provide a preventive back-up system, and protect your pool against the threat of troublesome algae.

Designed to Help

REGAL® products are designed to help find the right product for you. Each of the five product categories feature a unique color and symbol to help find the right product you need. REGAL® Pool Care 3-Step System is here to help make pool care easy and affordable.

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